CONASTA 63 Event Summary

Monday 7th July - 2.35pm to 4.40pm
Digital Toolbox for Science [[#|Teaching and Learning]] (AB4)
Type: C Audience: P, M, S, SS
Would you and your students like to use free Web2.0 tools to create cartoons, [[#|quizzes]], videos, [[#|surveys]], word clouds, flashcards and other digital products in your science [[#|classes]]?
This workshop session will enable you to explore a [[#|range of]] tools to [[#|engage]] and extend student learning. Even if you have attended a digital toolbox session before, there are more tools to try and [[#|time to]] set up your own 'virtual' classroom. Britt's resources are collected at

[[#|Tuesday]] 8th July - 2.05pm to 4.10pm
Science Learning Around the Globe (CD4)
Type: C Audience: P, M, S, SS
Digital tools allow our students to connect, communicate and collaborate with peers and experts across the globe.
This workshop session will allow you to explore some of the tools that can be used to establish connections, share [[#|ideas]] and implement projects. We will set up Wikispaces, Twitter and Skype accounts and explore online science communities. Find out how to get experts to speak to your students for Science week or to support experiments and research projects.