General Resources

Renewable Energy Resources – a list of links to many great resources compiled by Jackie Miers
Sustainable Energy Queensland – fact sheets, student activities and teacher resources.
Origin Energy – Click 2 Teach - Renewable energy resources
Energy Australia – Renewable energy resources
World of Energy fact sheets
Energy Saving Kit for Schools is a a manual for school energy saving and greenhouse gas reduction project leaders. By using the Energy Saving Kit (ESK) your school can reduce its energy consumption and greenhouse gas production by up to 30% each year. A considerable amount of energy can be saved, with big environmental and financial benefits for individual schools.
Snowy Hydro Renewable EnergySnowy Hydro has been running educational programs for schools visiting the Snowy Mountains Scheme for over the past ten years. Through this, a number of educational resource kits have been developed for a range of different education levels. All kits are based around the curriculum and cover a range of different areas from history to safety


"Growing biofuel without razing the rainforest" - a New Scientist article
My delicious links about biodiesel at
ActewAGL Biomass Energy resources Australian Academy of Science
NOVA Biomass - list of useful sites
Sustainable Energy Queensland


Geothermal Education OfficeOffice of Geothermal Technologies (USA)
Geoscience Australia
Science Online (UK)
Geothermal from Sustainability Victoria


Science Online – HydroelectricSnowy River Hydroelectric Project
How do Hydroelectric Power Plants work?


ActewAGL Solar Energy
Understanding Solar Energy
Jackgreen Energy – Solar Energy resources
Science Online – Solar Energy


Introduction to wind energy from NOVA
Australian Academy of Science ActewAGL
Wind Energy education Australian Wind Energy Association
Australian wind energy projects – maps and statistics.


Science Online

Game-based Learning

ElectroCity is an online game where students can learn about energy, sustainability and environmental management. This great site from New Zealand has fact sheets for Solar, Wind, Ocean, Hydro-electric and Nuclear Energy as well as Co-Generation.