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Hawkesdale P12 College is a small, rural school in the south west of Victoria, between Warrnambool and Hamilton. We have about 250 students from prep to year 12 and 30 staff. Our teachers work together to contribute to the school global2 blog at Hawkesdale P12 College.
Anne Mirtschin, a teacher of Accounting and ICT, has driven much of the technology integration at our school. One of the strategies has been to offer "Walk In, Walk Out Wednesday", which allows teachers to come and visit the computer lab to ask questions, explore and try out different tools and strategies.
Margaret Murnane is our Student Engagement Co-ordinator and Literacy Coach who has assisted teachers to implement improved teaching strategies across all subject areas and delivered INTEL training at the school. The INTEL program uses Project Based Learning, based on real world relevance, essential questions and web 2.0 tools to guide students through an authentic inquiry process which allows for multiple possible outcomes. This type of learning caters beautifully to the differentiated curriculum, allowing all students to enter and exit the projects with appropriate high level challenges and expectations.

Our school embraces the "You Can Do It!" philosophy, which values Confidence, Organisation, Resilience, Persistence and Teamwork. We also use "Tribes" in many classes to encourage happy and resourceful classroom communities.