In February, 2015, I attended the Pearson "MInd Brain Education" conference at the Melbourne Convention Centre with six members of staff from Hawkesdale P12 College. We took notes on this collaborative document and prepared a collaborative slideshow to share with staff at school. Prior to and following the conference, I have been doing some research in an effort to discover what we know about brain science (both neuroscience and cognitive psychology) that can improve learning outcomes.

On the web:
"Time for teachers to take another look at neuroscience" (04/10/2010) New Scientist magazine issue 2780
"Experts call for Teaching Educators Brain Science" (04/06/2012) by Sarah Sparks
"Teacher's shouldn't need to learn neuroscience" (04/06/2012) by Daniel Willingham (good responses in the comments)
"RADTEACH - Reach, Attitude and Develop" by Judy Willis
"The high cost of neuromyths in education" by Judy Willis
"Mental muscle - six ways to boost your brain" (04/10/2010) by Helen Thomson, New Scientist
"A big bank balance leads to big-brained babies" (30/03/2015) by Penny Sarchett, New Scientist
"Know it all - 10 secrets of successful learning" (25/03/2015) by Emma Young, New Scientist
"Want to remember everything you'll ever learn? - surrender to this algorithm" (21/04/2008) by Gary Wolf, Wired
"Separating neuromyths from science in education" (02/09/2013) by Tom Bennett, New Scientist

Software and Programs:
"Cogmed" is a program that improves attention by working memory training, recommended by Torkel Klingberg.
"Turtle Academy" is a simple way to learn computer programming, using LOGO language.
"The Number Race" and "The Number Catcher" for older children, are sites developed by Unicog (World-renowned Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit) and recommended by Torkel Klingberg.
"Supermemo - forget about forgetting" - i"mproving memory, self-growth, creativity, time-management and speed-learning" by Poitr Wozniak.
Zondle - Create, play and share games to support teaching, learning and assessment.

"The Brain at School - Educational Neuroscience in the Classroom"(2009) John G. Geake
"The Learning Brain - Memory and Brain Development in Children"(2013) Torkel Klingberg
"Brain Rules - 12 principles for surviving and thriving at work, home and school"(2014) John Medina
"Mindset - the new psychology of success - How we can learn to fulfill our potential" (2006) Carol S. Dweck