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11.45am to 12.45pm Wednesday 11th December

Improving Student Outcomes in Blended Learning Environments

Blended learning, using a combination of face-to-face classes and online platforms, has the potential to offer a broad range of subject choices to students in rural and regional areas. This approach will also allow small schools with limited staff availability to operate more sustainably, by sharing the knowledge and expertise they have across clusters of schools.However, online teaching and learning is a relatively new alternative to traditional classes in the Victorian education system and has significant challenges to be overcome before it can be effectively used across the state. Teachers and students considering this learning approach need to know their potential for success and what they can do to improve student outcomes. During this workshop participants will discuss the factors that contribute to successful online learning and formulate a survey to gain data that may assist us to identify the factors that support blended learning approaches.During this workshop Britt Gow, who has been teaching VCE classes online for the past three years, will present her findings and facilitate the discussion of the experiences of other participants. Participants will formulate a student/teacher survey that may be used to assist us to gain data to answer the following questions:

  • Are some students more likely to complete their studies and achieve good outcomes by participating in an online learning environment?
  • What characteristics of students are likely indicators of success in an online learning environment?
  • Is virtual, blended provision just a different way of doing the same things?
  • What teaching strategies are more effective in an online learning environment?
  • What aspects of virtual classrooms are advantageous to student learning?
  • What can schools do to support new ways of teaching and learning?
  • How can online learning environments impact school organisation?

These questions are in a Google document that you can add to online.