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"Digital Tools to Improve Student Learning Outcomes in Education for Sustainability"Blended learning approaches can make a significant contribution to education for sustainability by allowing students from across the state to study Environmental Science Online, when the subject is not offered in their own schools. Students who already have positive attitudes for the environment, as well as high motivation, independent learning skills and experience with internet communication have successfully completed a Unit 3 and 4 VCE Environmental Science Online course in this way. This subject is just one component of the development of an environmentally responsible citizen and the online delivery is one strategy that can be used to connect with a greater number of students. There are a great variety of digital tools available to support education for sustainability, but which of these can be used effectively to improve student knowledge and skills for a sustainable environment?
This workshop session will demonstrate some of the resources available for implementing an environmental science course online and allow participants to explore digital platforms (video conferencing; Skype) and online resources (ABC Splash and the Digital Toolbox). If selected to present, could I ask all participants to please bring an internet-connected device (preferably and laptop or tablet) to access these resources during the session. I am also assuming that the venue will allow internet access for the majority of delegates attending the conference.
Britt Gow has taught VCE Biology and Environmental Science at Hawkesdale College since 2002 and has embraced the use of social media, such a blogs, wikis, nings, Skype, Twitter and Facebook. She has successfully taught a VCE Environmental Science class online over the past four years to students across the state, as well as sharing an extensive range of teaching and learning resources online. Britt writes the popular VCE Environmental Science blog as well as being a co-author of the VAEE text “Issues of Sustainability” and Teacher Resource Book. Britt received the DEECD “Secondary Teacher of the Year” award in the Victorian Education Excellence Awards in 2013 and is a popular presenter at state, national and virtual conferences and online webinars, including Slide@Learn, ICTEV, STAV and CONASTA.

Britt believes that students should be given a wide range of hands-on, authentic learning tasks and a variety of ways to demonstrate their learning, both within and outside the classroom. She encourages students to connect, communicate and collaborate within the classroom and beyond using digital tools, as well as offering field trips and study camps.