Leah Taylor, Science Co-ordinator at St. Anthony's Parish Primary School (ACT) has kindly advised me on this page.
Autism Apps
A free app that provides a comprehensive, searchable list of apps suitable for students with autism, Down's Syndrome and other special needs. It includes links to information available about the app and parent/teacher reviews.
For position and spatial skills.
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Calm Counter
Calm Counter is a visual and audio tool to assist with anxiety and anger management.
Class Dojo
There are a raft of reward apps for kids - it's really a matter of finding one that is based on a theme the student is interested in. One child loves Class Dojo so much she insisted Mum set it up for the dogs!
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Another virtual reality game (similar to Minecraft) but tends to be less ruthless - players are less likely to have all their resources stolen!

Emotions and Feelings Autism Social Story
This app provides simple social support to assist students to link facial expressions with feelings and emotions. It includes a social story about different types of emotions.

Gaming is an autistic child's sanctuary - it allows them to socialise without having to make eye contact and gives them "something to completely obsess over."

Pic Collage
Create collages from images.

Princess Phd and Pirate Phd
Number facts

Puppet Pals
Useful for building social stories - great for students who are going through some kind of change or who are still learning how to behave in certain situations. There are plenty of digital story telling apps that can be used for telling social stories.

Sleep Cycle
Set good sleep habits using this app.

Talking Tom
Students can talk to an animated cat and he will repeat what has been said. They can also feed and tickle him (as well as hit him until he falls over, which my kids thought was hilarious - not sure it's great for social skills, but does get kids talking)

Touch Trainer
A button that assists students with special needs to learn touch-screen technology.

Write words
Good for teaching students to write.

QR codes
Use QR codes on the timetable to assist secondary students to see what equipment is required for each lesson. The student scans the code and a picture of a calculator appears for a maths lesson, for example. Equipos para Spa