"Improving Student Outcomes in Blended Learning Environments"
This wikispace will be used as a platform to explore a range of free online tools that allow students to connect, communicate and collaborate. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the learning outcomes that can be achieved and the advantages and disadvantages of each tool.
Participants are encouraged to contribute to discussion about the best tools for specific learning intentions and the variety of ways that tools can be used effectively to allow student collaboration and collective learning. Participants will have the opportunity to explore a teacher-built learning resource and discuss ideas for using a range of online learning tools. This workshop will enable you to think critically about the tools and strategies you use to improve student learning outcomes.
Learning 2.103 Making ChangeOctober 10 – 12, 2013United World College South East Asia – East Campus"Learning 2.0 is a transformative, challenging experience for all participants."


"Improving Student Outcomes in Blended Learning Environments"
Introduce yourself on the Padlet wall
Tell me about your experience with Blended Learning.
Collaborate on the Google Doc
Add ideas for using various digital tools
Complete the Evaluation form

Cohort Leaders facilitate discussion in 3 job-alike sessions throughout the conference. Detailed information will be shared with Cohort Leaders in the coming weeks, however an overview of the sessions is as follows:

Session 1 (30 mins)
A 30 minute meet-and-greet session. Leaders may wish to use an icebreaker to facilitate discussion amongst cohort members.
Overview of conference structure & website navigation

Session 2 (45 mins)
Decide on a method of communication for use during (and beyond) the conference
(e.g. Padlet, MightyBell, Today’s Meet, Google Doc etc)
Guided discussion around the conference experience OR what are you interested in right now (mixer)

Session 3 (45 mins)
Discussion & reflections on learning - What are your big takeaways?
What next? Encourage post-conference collaboration
Conference survey