Apps for Earth Science

app_earth_now.jpegapp_earth_viewer.jpgapp_rock_cycle.jpgNasa's "Earth Now", "Earth Viewer" and "Rock Cycle" are three apps I would recommend for learning about Earth Science on iPads and iPods. You may also be able to access these apps through the Windows app store or Google Play.


Ever wondered what wiped out the Dinosaurs?
Our Ancient Megafauna

General Earth Science

FossWeb - Earth Science from the Full Option Science System (Inquiry-based learning)
Geology videos (including volcanoes, earthquakes and mapping the sea floor)
Interactive Timeline of the History of the Earth
Prehistoric timeline
Visualise the geological time scale using a toilet roll.


Earth Quiz from National Geographic
Geology videos (including volcanoes, earthquakes and mapping the sea floor)
National Geographic

Natural Disasters

Blog about Volcanoes - weekly updates about volcanoes around the world from a geologist
Earthquakes - This site utilizes animations and step-by-step text explanations of key concepts relating to earthquakes. You can see flash animations and photographs describing plate tectonics, faults, seismograms, seismographs, and other topics. You can click to see animations of divergent, convergent, and transformational movements of plates. You are invited to try simple simulations to understand how these movements occur. Additional information is provided about the earth's crust, mantle, and core.
Forces of Nature (Tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes and hurricanes) interactive site to build your own volcano.
Our Dynamic Earth
Volcano Explorer - Explore a virtual volcano.

Rocks and Rock Cycle

Take our Rock Cycle Quiz
Geology games and quizzes from Game Zone
Weathering and Erosion