There are a number of easy to use sites where students can create their own quizzes - true/false, multiple choice or short answer questions are a good way for students to revise a unit of work and for you to assess their level of understanding. This is a link to a post that lists 12 Free Online Quiz Maker Sites, with a short description of each.
classtools.jpg allows you to create free educational games, quizzes, activities and diagrams in seconds. You can host them on your own blog, website or intranet. No signup, no passwords, no charge. The Arcade Game Generator is where you paste in at least ten questions (use the format "Question*Answer") and then you can choose which game to play. My Year 7 and 8 boys love these simple, fun games.
Google Docs is a favorite platform for many users and is a totally free, web-based word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and form application. Users are able to create online quizzes with the form application. You can embed these in websites such as blogs and wikis and choose from many themes.
Make-A-Quiz claims to beTHE online quiz maker - you can quickly and easily make your own multiple choice quizzes to share online. No images, but you can customise colours and text.
PowerPoint has the advantage of not being online - so you can still create great quizzes without the internet. Use a table on the front page to create hyperlinked buttons, each worth different numbers of points and then create slides for each question and answer. This was a tip I learnt at a STAVCON conference many years ago, so I am happy to be able to share it with you now, as i have found it useful in my teaching.
ProProfs Quiz School makes it easy to create quizzes, tests and exams online with color and images. It is a totally free online quiz program. Users can create a quiz, share it with others, and view results instantly.
Quizlet is another free, online platform for students to use to create flashcards, quizzes and games.
Quiz Revolution is a free quiz creation and quiz sharing website for users to create great-looking quizzes for websites or blogs. Within just a few minutes you can make multimedia quizzes. Any quiz you make is hosted on your page within the site and is available to play for free anytime. (Limited plays, but you can upgrade).