Web links:

100 Amazing Online Tools to Learn about Outer Space including NASA and National Geographic.
AstroEDU - Peer reviewed Astronomy education activities
Astrotour – animation about how planets rotate around the sun
Australian Aboriginal Astronomy - The Australian Aborigines were arguably the world's first astronomers - this blog describes some of their beliefs.
Chromoscope - view the universe at different wavelengths
Cosmos for Kids -
CSIRO Australian Telescope National Facility - Apply for observation time at the Parkes telescope!
Exploring the planets from NASA
FossWeb - Space resources and activities from the Full Option Science System.
Galileo Teacher training Program A legacy of the International Year of Astronomy 2009
Making a habitable world - Board game to learn about requirements for life on other planets
NASA Wavelength - is your pathway into a digital collection of Earth and space science resources for educators of all levels
PlanetScience – huge resource about the planets
Stellarium on your netbooks
Solar System Links from Science_class_net - comprehensive resource from a retired science teacher.
The Solar System with links to specific information about the planets
Welcome to the Planets – great site with NASA images and information
Zooniverse has a range of links to Planethunters, GalaxyZoo, MoonZoo, the Milky Way Project and Solar Stormwatchers. These are citizen science projects that allow students to contribute to data analysis.
An Atlas of the Universe

These are resources for iPod Touch:

8Planets – animations, information and quiz about our solar system
Planets by Q continium – A 3D guide to the solar system for aspiring astronomers.
Grand Tour 3D – Space travel on a budget
planetFacts – size and distance scale and dictionary
NASA app including images, videos, information about launches, when you can sight, orbit trackers and countdown clocks.
Stars by Nelix displaying 88 constellations – does not use network.
Space Images by NASA – You can rate, email and save images.
ABC TV has a free vodcast “Voyage to the Planets” that you can download or subscribe to.