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Water Conservation

Water-saving tips
Water calculators
Waterwise house
Investigating the Hydrosphere
Deakin University Education - Water Unit
Home Water Investigator. An online learning object produced by Melbourne Water. Use this to build a report on individual household water usage, room by room.
Mission H2O (Junior) Using gaming principles to engage users in water conservation. Competition based, with opportunities to win prizes.
Saving water at home and at school Melbourne Water's webpage on water conservation.
Using and saving water. Water conservation section from water.vic.gov.au - Best for senior students
Melbourne Water
Water Footprint
Melbourne schools, check out the Water - Learn it! Live it! program (state-government funded) for resources, and support implementing a schools-based water education program. If you're teaching in a school in regional Victoria, check with your local water authority for a copy of the Water - Learn it! Live it! regional resource (activities were designed with rural and semi-rural issues in mind).

Rivers, Creeks and Waterways

WaterWatch Australia
WaterWatch Victoria
WaterWatch Queensland
Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority

Marine and Coastal Environments

Marine Education Society of Australasia (MESA)