includes ways to use nine web2.0 tools (Wordle, Poll Everywhere, Voicethread, Wallwisher and ToonDoo)
100 Awesome, Free Web 2.0 tools for Elementary Teachers - a great article listing web2.0 tools for different purposes (Organising, Google, Templates, Games)
from Technology and Education - Awesome alphabetical list of web2.0 tools for education.
Cool Tools for Schools - an excellent wiki with many web 2.0 tools suitable for educational use.
State Library Association of Victoria - Web Elements Enagaged Project
The Amazing Web2.0 Project Book from Terry Freedman - a free resource with ways to use web2.0 tools in the classroom
Top 25 Websites for Teaching and Learning Categorised, aligned with standards (USA) and describes how each tool can be used.
Ultimate Web2.0 Tool List from the EdTech Toolbox
Web 2.0 tools that every educator should have in the bag from the Tech & Learning blog.